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4402 Regulations for Adult Day Care Facilities adult day care code requirements

affiliation, to comply with the adult day care services licensing requirements. . waiver to follow CCP program regulations outlined in the administrative code.

58A-6.007, Participant Care Standards (Transferred), 8/3/2015 58A-6.015, Adult Day Care Center Staff Training Requirements (Transferred), 8/3/2015.

Diagnosis Code is entered in Field 21. ❑ This is a required field. ❑ Enter number 9 in the ICD Ind. for ICD 9. ❑ Enter 780.99 in position A (new CMS1500 Form.

Adult Day Care facilities do not include programs intended exclusively . 3.2.2 A separate license is not required for separate buildings 5.3 The adult day care facility shall comply with all local and state building codes and.