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The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), sometimes referred to as the duck- billed platypus, . The first upper and third lower cheek teeth of platypus nestlings are small, each having one principal cusp, while the .. of an opalised lower jawbone with three molar teeth (whereas the adult contemporary platypus is toothless).

A platypus photographed at Healesville Sanctuary in Australia of more familiar species: the duck (bill and webbed feet), beaver (tail), and otter (body and fur).

Today's platypus, for example, only has teeth as a youngster. Later in life, an adult chews its soft prey using horny pads in its mouth. (Watch a.

Inside the bill, adult platypuses do not have true teeth but instead have developed flat pads of hardened gum tissue. Male platypuses have a spur on the inner.