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A case of a mobile choroid plexus cyst presenting with different types of obstructive hydrocephalus choroid plexus cysts in adults

Choroid plexus cysts (CPCs) are the most commom neuroepithelial cysts, . Very few reports exist of CPCs persisting into adulthood (7).

Although it is well known that most choroid plexus cysts (CPCs) are [7] In adults , most CPCs are asymptomatic and discovered incidentally.

A choroid plexus cyst is a small, fluid-filled space that occurs in a gland in the brain called the choroid plexus. A choroid plexus cyst is found in some fetuses and is usually picked up on an ultrasound during a woman’s second trimester of pregnancy. By around 25 weeks, a choroid.

Choroid plexus cyst in the anterior third ventricle is a relatively common finding They are usually more common in children than in adults (2).