'Digimon Adventure' Movie Shares Best Look at Adult DigiDestined Yet - digimon for adults


New 'Digimon' Anime Shares Art Of Its Adult Heroes digimon for adults

The place on reddit to discuss everyone's favorite prodigious anime, manga, video game and trading card game franchise! The Digimon lore offers a great deal of that dark and adult content which the anime's never make use of. Like it's aimed at the people who watched the first.

I have a long and abiding love for all things digimon, but when I try to get my adult friends and parents watching Digimon, there's only one.

The Digimon franchise will soon be celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a new film returning once again to the original Digimon Adventure.

For countless fans, Digimon stands as a gateway anime, and its nostalgia is truly something to reckon with. The popular series boomed in the.