How to Arrange for Guardianship of an Impaired Adult - requesting a guardian ad litem for an adult


Guardianship | North Carolina Judicial Branch requesting a guardian ad litem for an adult

Guardianships are set up to protect and help people in need, such as an elder desire to be named guardian or requests the appointment of a public guardian. Often, this will involve the appointment of a "guardian ad litem", a person who is.

They will determine what the adult's opinion is regarding the guardianship request. While the guardian ad litem will take the adult's opinions.

At all times, you must follow the law, the guardianship order, and any other specific A "Guardian ad Litem" is a person, typically an attorney, who has been .

The Court will then appoint a Guardian ad Litem to represent the interests of the person for whom you are requesting a Guardian be appointed. The Guardian ad .