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Tips and tricks including car seats, breastfeeding, transport, cultural norms, and more! Thailand baby sits on rock in pool at sunset vacation . Don't be like my husband and eat chicken sold from the back of a boat cruising.

Enjoying some lounge time in Thailand. They come in every fun color imaginable, in baby, toddler and adult sizes, they are virtually unbreakable, and they I talk about this more in my post about breastfeeding on vacation.

I was going on vacation without baby while breastfeeding. I wanted to go relax for a long, romantic week with my husband in the Caribbean.

Report of our first trip with our 3 month old baby boy. time to build up an immune system and hasn't yet had all the 'shots' that we adults get, . As Caro was no longer breastfeeding at the time and Leon had been quite picky.