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Singer Jewel Discusses Importance Of Spreading Breast Reconstruction Awareness (VIDEO) | HuffPost jewel and boobs

A friend of mine just send me a link. It's not a picture of jewel so it seems:offtopic : but I think this is the best topic to post it.

I haven't done a post on Jewel in ages. I totally forgot about the boobs and boy, am I glad to see them back! She should definitely do more breathing videos of.

Apart from the usual snaggle tooth, her breasts have either shrunk or that dress was built for someone more bountiful, say. Like you went to Baskin Robbins and got two scoops of boob. Not as freaked out as the time my roommate sleepwalked into my room and cuddled with me, but.

Judging by the photos, Jewel was still pretty broke when she decided to have her boobs done, because they look like she had surgery in the.