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All 36 songs in Juno, with scene descriptions. Listen to End of movie; Juno goes over to Bleeker's house and they sit outside playing and singing this song. Download on At the beginning when Juno and Bleeker have sex.

Music from Juno the movie Juno thinks back to the time she had sex with Paulie on the chair until the dog barks and Mark plays guitar with Juno and sings.

The film's indie folk soundtrack played a central role in establishing its overall vibe. While it was definitely uncomfortable, Juno and Bleeker's sex scene, set to.

Reclined with a smoking pipe, Juno sits atop a tiger rug, in a creatively How could such a clever chick miss the facts about unprotected sex? of kids could' ve played Bleeker, with more endearing attributes (if not whiter legs). . to full embrace -- and we all went along with it. Dan Siepmann · Music.