Sweaty vagina: Causes and prevention - vaginal sweat odor


7 Different Vaginal Smells and Why They Happen vaginal sweat odor

Bacteria break down this protein, which can produce a distinct odor. In this article, we discuss possible causes of a sweaty genital area and.

Learn about different vaginal odors, how to identify them, and six after sweating or exercise as trapped sweat can increase vaginal odor.

Sweaty Vagina: Why It Happens and What You Can Do. The groin is an area of the body that behaves much like the armpits: It’s hairy, warm, and full of sweat glands and bacteria. Some sweat-wicking underwear contain odor-absorbing molecules that can help keep you smelling fresh all.

Plus, considering the groin contains a collection of sweat glands, is it really a Many people report smelling a coppery, metallic vaginal odor.