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Breast pain may be linked to a menstrual cycle, and it is usually not a symptom of cancer. Here, learn more about causes, tips, treatment, and when to see a doctor. with heaviness, while others say it is like a stabbing or burning pain.

Around 70 percent of women report pain in one or both breasts, and only about 15 described as tenderness, sharp burning, or tightening of the breast tissue. following a low-salt diet; using mild pain-relief medication.

Learn about possible causes and treatments for breast pain, along with self-care remedies that may help keep you comfortable when breast.

But on its own, pain in the breasts isn't usually a sign of breast cancer. heaviness, tenderness, a burning, prickling or stabbing pain, or a feeling of tightness. Research has shown that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain relief, such as.