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Stuffed Chicken Breast Dinner Menu - My Food and Family stuffed chicken breast menu

A dinner menu that features a stuffed chicken breast entrée has a lot going for it: chicken with a filling that's a scrumptious version of bruschetta with tomatoes.

Transform humdrum chicken breasts into a brag-worthy dinner with prosciutto, basil, and lots of cheese. Cooked collards are the norm, but they're fabulous left raw and tossed with seed brittle and a vivacious ginger dressing. These boneless breasts get stuffed with salty prosciutto.

Tonight's dinner menu features Prosciutto-Stuffed Chicken Breasts served with a Mushroom Pan Sauce and a Tabbouleh.

Looking for an easy and impressive meal for company? Our 40-minute Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe that features homemade sun-dried.