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Male submission or malesub is a situation in BDSM and other sexual activities in which the submissive partner is male. A woman who dominates a male submissive is referred to as a dominant, cuckoldry, erotic humiliation, facesitting, golden showers, pegging, foot fetishism, and clothed female, naked male.

This 1921 illustration of a clothed male, naked female shows an example of female submission. The art is by Georges Topfer from his work Le Rêve d'un flagellant ("The dream of a flagellant"). Dominance and submission (also called D /s) is a set of behaviours, customs, and rituals A safeword may be used by the Dominant as well as the Submissive if they.

I've had several experiences with men who are into the cuckold fetish. Nearly all of them What does a submissive male need psychologically? 1,836 Views.

Collar/Collaring – Usually represents someone's identity as a submissive and/or to be on the controlling and decision-making side of power exchange (male.