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13-reasons-why-monty-gay-death-homophobic-netflix-. We met stereotypes and creating harmful expectations for young queer audiences.

But I think that in Hollywood, it was just a little bit more hush-hush. . that you play a stereotypical bad boy on “13 Reasons Why,” but you are gay in real life?.

and. Young. Gay. Men. Stephanie. Chamberlin,. Ryan. O'Connell,. and. Jean accounting for 83 percent of diagnoses among all males ages 13 and older.

Clay Jensen is a fictional character created by author Jay Asher. He is the main character in Thirteen Reasons Why, a novel written for He was previously rumored to be gay by other classmates at Liberty High School but these though the show does rely a little too much on shots of Clay gazing wistfully into the distance.