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Why toe-sucking is so sexy... and the secret ways to do it right do girls suck there own toes

Aug 5, 2019 An interview with her hockey player hubs revealed that she's into it when he Shane adds there are distinctions, because while “toe sucking is.

Dec 26, 2016 Originally Answered: do girls like their toes sucked? My wife loves to get her feet sucked and when ever we are in public she likes to show off her feet.

May 8, 2010 if a girl has cute feet, i like to do the foot massage and toe-sucking thing. only happened a I'm sure her foot is super muscular and full of huge veins. .. believe there is a selective few that enjoy their toes being sucked on.

There was no warning for it and it wasn't something we'd ever discussed. When he pays more attention to my fingers and toes than he does to the more.