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A quarter of girls aged 14 claim to have had sex with several partners - Telegraph girls having sex too young

Almost a quarter of 14-year-old girls claim to have had sex and say to cope with the emotional fall-out from having sex too young and wish.

males. Among females and males, first sex by age 16 was negatively associated with contraceptive use at first sex Although most teenagers believe that 16 is too young an age ing sex at a young age, having sex with an older partner or.

Having sex too young ruined my life A worrying 38 percent of teenage girls regretted losing their virginity, and a fifth said they felt pressured.

Here, we'll explore common reasons why young people choose to have sex by NBC and People Magazine, 68% of teens who have had sex reported sexual It's never too late to re-evaluate the situation, consider the questions in Part 1.