Best Swimsuit Moments in Movie History - Iconic Beach Looks - 1980s movie red bikini


The Top 10 Hottest Swimsuit Scenes in the Movies | 1980s movie red bikini

Homage with fantasy of Stacy's mom in red bikini coming out of pool in slow .. WatchMojo: Top 10 Funniest Movie Quotes of the 1980s (2016) (TV Episode).

The white belted bikini worn by Andress' character Honey Ryder in 1962's Dr. No Welch's most iconic swimsuit movie moment came in 1966's One Million emerges from a swimming pool in a little red bikini and slowly takes her top What Phoebe Cates did for teenage boys in the 80s with Fast Times.

See the 25 most iconic beach looks from movie history. Blue Lagoon, 1980. Isabelle Phoebe Cates' itsy-bitsy red bikini was the stuff that fantasies were made of, quite literally, as it spurred on costar Judge Reinhold's racy.

The 25 Most Iconic Bikini Moments in Movie History In this quintessential '80s sex comedy, John Cusack hitchhikes across the country just to.