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Someone has created an Odex subpage to show his/her discontent at Odex's action, and to show that paying customers aren't to be taken lightly.

So, what am I good for. Its not like I have sucky grades but i'm really not nearly top of my class. Its not like I suck that badly at drawing but its painfully obvious.

Wah got this blogger, Zer0 paid tribute to Odex today by sending their VCDs Technorati Tags: stephen sing, odex, stephen sing xin yang, peter go, forum, double 6-ed, odex go to hell, anti-odex, odex sucks, i hate odex.

i think i saw this thing started long ago o.o and some of the anime's by Odex sux . This was splash all over the news once and i tell you Odex sucks because of.