Use spanked in a sentence | spanked sentence examples - she must be spanked


My friend is a bad girl and she must be spanked in public - she must be spanked

a sentence. Example sentences with the word spanked. spanked example sentences. Instead she asked, "What did you do to get spanked?" 0. 0. Yes. Lucy must have her bare bottom soundly spanked followed by a good strapping. 0. 1.

My friend has clearly been a bad girl and she must be punished for her bad behavior. I am gonna spank her ass so hard that she'll forget her.

Children Never Deserve to Be Spanked (A Rule With No Exceptions) To create and feed that kind of fear in a child, so that s/he must always.

She began to spank again this time deliberately spanking the same spot 5 times I needed it and that it will improve whatever relationship I find myself in next.