Tight Vagina - Why Your Vagina Might Feel Tight Or Irritated During Sex And Penetration - my girlfriends vagina is too tight


Vaginismus - NHS my girlfriends vagina is too tight

At times, a woman may notice her vagina feels tighter than usual. As a result, some women may think their vagina is too tight, particularly if they experience discomfort or pain during sexual penetration. The feeling of a tight vagina during sexual penetration could be due to the.

Almost no vagina is too tight for intercourse. Sometimes, however, you have to help prepare a bit for penetration. Find out how the vagina changes shape and.

We asked the sex experts if painful penetration might be a matter of ~size~.

Me and my girlfriend tried having sex a couple of times (we both are virgins), but somehow, her vagina is always too tight for me to push through. What is some.