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SCREEN IT! PARENTAL REVIEW: BORAT borat nude wrestling pictures

Sacha Baron Cohen's nude wrestling match with his overweight manager in Borat has been named the worst nude scene ever caught on film. The entire list , with photos, can be seen in full in the November issue of Empire.

Sacha Baron Cohen's movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for the character wrestling with a fat man while both of them were naked.

With few exceptions, the real folks featured in "Borat," the movie, have been remain -- like where the heck did that naked wrestling match take place? . As for the naked pictures, Martin, polite as always, remarked, "It helped.

“The worst part filming 'Borat' was the naked fight, because I had a 250 lb. “If you look at the 'Borat' film now, you will see that I do hit the.