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Just like you can tell that Victoria Beckham has blatantly had a boob job, even though she's never admitted it. But it's clear for all to see.

POP star Cheryl Cole has the best boobs in showbiz. .. who makes up these polls? i want that job. and also the job of forming these . google cheryl tweedy. that's her maiden name and lots of people still call her that.

Cheryl's potential NEW JOB in telly will make you feel deeply nostalgic We have missed Cheryl Tweedy/Cole/Nandos-Versini/Payne/full stop. . the not-so- invisible invisible bra straps that we all wore, especially with our little boob-tube tops.

THE mum-of-four managed to make a dig at her three ex-husbands as she prepared to go under the knife. Revealing her plans, Kerry joked.