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31 Sexy Confessions From People Who Banged A Celebrity sex stories with famous people

If you've banged a celebrity, say it loud and say it proud, like these 31 people did. of theirs shared an epic celeb sex story with them that they just couldn't keep to themselves. These 31 people had crazy sexual encounters with celebrities.

Celebrity sex stories are inherently viral. Why? Because we all love a good story, especially a provocative one involving famous people and the dirty details of.

10 Celebrity Sex Stories That Will Make You Blush So Hard. By Laura Rizzo. Feb 21 From phone sex to hooking up in public, these celebrities didn't hold anything back. I applaud people who are good at it. They need to.

Although considered a private topic, many famous personalities have opened up about their first times having sex. Losing your virginity is a big deal for anyone.