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Developing performance indicators for cardiac surgery: a demonstration project in Victoria. cardiovascular thoracic surgery sexual performance

The cardiothoracic surgical workforce is changing. . Comparisons were made between male and female surgery residents at all levels of CT training .. women perceived their performance as significantly worse (56% versus.

Decreased sexual activity and function are common in patients with CVD and .. Minimal access cardiac surgery that involves no or a limited.

and Council on Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia, and Council on Quality of Care and Friedman S. Cardiac disease, anxiety, and sexual functioning. .. Sexual function in patients with advanced heart failure.

“Patients resuming sexual activity after a heart attack, stent placement, or open- heart surgery should wait at least several hours after a big meal such as “ Because participation of stable patients in cardiac rehabilitation 25 percent), disinterest in sex (19 percent), and performance anxiety (16 percent).