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floating eps graphics in latex

3. Using EPS Graphics in LATEX 2" Documents. Part 2: Floating gures, boxed gures, captions, and math in gures. Keith Reckdahl. Abstract. This is the second of.

I however tried exporting.ps file instead of.eps file, i.e., File → Save As.. This is how the.eps figure looks in the LaTeX compiled PDF enter.

\begin{figure}[!hp]. \centering. \includegraphics[width.9\textwidth]{fig/Ctlg- NGC6553-c} File: fig/Ctlg-NGC6544-f.eps Graphic file (type eps).

system allows text in eps files to be replaced with LATEX symbols or. mathematical .. 21.1 Non-floating Figures without the caption package........ .... 88.