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Will my girlfriend get pregnant if I ejaculate on her stomach and she takes a shower without wiping it off? If the ejaculated sperm Other Answers Is it possible to get pregnant if a guy ejaculates near the vagina? Also, it was.

Can sperm enter the vagina? and i ejaculate on my gf stomach, then she washed it with water, can sperm sliding down to vagina Other symptoms include swollen/tender breasts, lower backache, fluid discharge. . I am 42 year old male.

01/6​Why many women experience stomach pain after sex? REACTION TO SPERM: Another reason that can be triggering the pain is the.

It's a scientific fact that most men ejaculate in three bursts; however the aiming The first two shots will almost always hit the belly of the girl below the male, but the Should another female be standing around, the third shot will inevitably be .