SureFire Scout Lights - surefire light thumb switch


SureFire M300 Mini Scout Light WeaponLight surefire light thumb switch

SureFire® offers a variety of switch options for your flashlight or WeaponLight. Convert your flashlight's tactical push for momentary-on/twist for constant-on.

The navigation lights are activated by a momentary-on pressure pad thumb switch. A rotary system-disable switch at the bottom of the grip turns all lights off to.

SureFire UE07 - Remote Tailcap Switch Assembly for Scout Light provides at all, on the weapon like I would if I had to move my thumb to hit the tailcap switch.

M603V Scout Light. 6 Volt Vampire Scout Light® with DS-SR07-D-IT Switch Assembly and M75 Thumbscrew Mount. $629.00.