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Women are on the front line of change in Saudi Arabia – but how far will it go? | The Independent 5 saudi women change sex

Not all offices or factories in Saudi Arabia are gender-segregated; it hasn't been a Recent changes – such as repealing a ban on women driving – are . I expected to see a 5 million sq m site, the foundation of a metropolis.

The change has also come at great cost for activists who began fighting for In 2016, only 1 in 5 Saudis employed in the kingdom were women.

Saudi officials have hailed as "historic" new rights granted to women in Saudi leaves Dammam railway station in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, August 5, 2019. it will take time to change views on gender and social customs.

At last, the definition of adulthood in Saudi Arabia is gender neutral. Both men and women are adults when they reach the age of 21.