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The Bank Dick, released as The Bank Detective in the United Kingdom, is a 1940 comedy film starring W. C. Fields. Set in Lompoc, California, Fields plays Egbert Sousé who accidentally thwarts a bank robbery and ends up a bank security.

Henpecked Egbert Sousé has comic adventures as a substitute film director and W.C. Fields and Una Merkel in The Bank Dick (1940) W.C. Fields and Billy.

Fields plays Egbert Souse, a bibulous denizen of Lompoc who supports his family by winning radio contests. While drinking his breakfast at the Black Pussy Cafe, Souse is invited by a movie production manager to finish directing a picture being shot in Lompoc. The Bank Dick Quotes.

The Bank Dick (1940) is an all-time classic comedy starring the great W. C. Fields . Egbert Sousè (pronounced "Sou-zay" with an "accent grave over the e,".