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Since mumps is very contagious, keep your child away from others for It is more common after puberty and may involve pain for a number of.

Swollen, painful parotid glands are the hallmark sign of mumps — a child might look like a hamster with food in its cheeks. The glands get more swollen and.

Complications of mumps are rare, but can also be detrimental. After almost one year, I am having some issues with my sex life. I don't will my balls ever get back to their former glory, and will I ever be able to father a child?.

Mumps is an infection with a virus that causes swelling of the parotid glands in When a pregnant woman develops mumps, there may be some increased risk of fetal death Infrequently, male teenagers and adults with mumps can develop In patients of either sex, but more commonly in adults than in.